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Sunday, August 5, 2012


SHAME ON ARIZONA for not acknowledging caregivers and add in those who have been impacted by crime with minimal, if any support and access to resources. Crime Victim services and the behavioral health system (needed in the aftermath of trauma) DO NOT work hand in hand. 

Also, I pray for the woman I just met whose daughter's jaw was fractured to pieces after being attacked. She informed me nearly a year later Victim Compensation has refused to help pay for her daughter's facial reconstruction, not to mention Mom lost her job because she too was forced to make a decision between work and staying by her child's side during her hospitalization and trauma experienced in the aftermath. Crime and trauma affects entire families!

So, to all who moved at a snail's pace (if at all) each time I called, those who left work each day to the security of their home and their children - I send a sincere thanks. I'm left to pack up my life and what security we had left after having it ripped apart by criminals and all the state support we have received following. I hope you have appropriated enough funding to the local shelters because they need to make space.

Please read Mary K. Reinhart's Arizona Republic article written a year ago. Things have only gotten worse and my family is a walking example.