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Monday, September 10, 2012

Pay It Forward - KPHO News 5

We may never know the impact we have in lives of others . . . likewise many we meet throughout our lives may never know how significantly they impact ours. Even through the tragedy of murder we can find hidden blessings through connections of the human spirit. 
Composite of individual and truck Diana Shawcroft and Jennifer Lueth
were seen getting into in  Glendale, AZ

I have forever been touched by Ashley Rojo and the entire Shawcroft family and grateful to KPHO News 5 for telling our stories. Forever in memory - my best friend Kathy Shawcroft (Ashley's grandmother) and Diana Shawcroft (Ashley's Aunt). ♥

Let's not forget that someone out there knows what happened to Diana and Jenny and coming forward with information can provide this family with answers and peace. Pay It forward PLEASE.