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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Veteran victim advocate gives Arizona an "F" for assistance to crime victims

This is an Arizona crime victim's submission to Project Unbreakable (, a program to raise awareness for sexual assault victims so they can be heard.

The federal government and the State of Arizona is failing its crime victims! From the failure to get a family to safety despite recorded death threats, failure to acknowledge crime's impact on the family, failure to appoint a victim advocate, to failing to offer any services to help victims cope, rebuild, and heal in the aftermath.

This is just one family out of thousands. When they have already lost every sense of security and feel hopeless, the final crime . . . when SSA tells a parent they can't issue Emergency Presumptive Assistance as noted on their website at unless the parent can bring the child in and they can "visually" see the impairment, like Down's Syndrome. First, emergency assistance would not be needed if they didn't drag their feet 3-5 months reviewing medical records.

For anyone who doesn't understand trauma - please see the attached as it is self explanatory! Didn't anyone tell them YOU CAN'T SEE PTSD! This is why we lose more US veterans annually to PTSD than we do on all our battlefields combined (they have no statistics of casualties of PTSD caused by sexual assault and survivors of child sexual abuse). How many more casualties do we need to offer help to those suffering from an "invisible" but debilitating injury?

To the US Government and the State of Arizona - these are lives you are NOT saving!