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Saturday, June 22, 2013

You can help find Sean Sidi - Join the National Call to Action!

Nineteen-year-old Sean Sidi has been missing since Tuesday, May 21, 2013 from San Francisco, CA.  That morning Sean went to visit a former high school teacher near 150 Oak Street in San Francisco at approximately 11:40AM. He then spoke to his father on his cell phone at approximately 1:30PM, indicating he was heading to the park. His cell phone went dead at approximately 2:00PM. That is where the mystery begins.

San Francisco Police Department conducted a “Ping Trace” on Sean’s cell phone and determined his cell phone had gone dead in the vicinity of Alvord and Stow Lakes in Golden Gate Park and the Inner Richmond area. Sean has vanished without a trace.

Sean’s parents Lynn Ching and Claude Sidi indicate Sean has always had a firm history of informing his parents of his whereabouts, never leaving for extended periods and would typically come home by 6PM in the evening.  His parents are desperate to find their son and his medical condition warrants his disappearance should be handled with priority by the investigating law enforcement agency.

Missing with Significant Medical Disability
Admitted to San Francisco General Hospital for a severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) on November 12, 2012, Sean suffered multiple skull fractures, subdural and epidural hematomas, and a frontal contusion. Sean underwent immediate brain surgery to save his life.

TBI can cause wide-ranging physical and psychological effects that can appear even months after the injury to include loss of consciousness, profound confusion, dizziness and loss of balance, convulsions, and seizures, to memory and concentration problems.

Sean’s surgeon Dr. Geoffrey Manley is Professor and Vice-Chair of Neurological Surgery at UCSF and Chief of Neurosurgery at San Francisco General Hospital.  Dr. Manley issued a letter on June 18, 2013 with a powerful message of urgency. “Sean Sidi is still recovering from his brain injury. This puts Sean at SIGNIFICANT RISK as a missing person.” Dr. Manley goes on to state, “ I am fearful that in his current state he is in danger of not making a meaningful recovery or death if he is not found quickly.”

The urgency to find Sean cannot be overstated.

How you can help
The Sidi family will be holding a “Vigil for Sean” on June 23, 2013 at 2PM at Golden Gate Park (Stanyan and Haight Streets).

The purpose of the vigil is to request help from the San Francisco Community. Because Sean is considered a “very high risk” missing  person with a medical disability, the Sidi family is requesting  San Francisco Police Department immediately enter Sean’s descriptive information into the proper "Disability" category of the FBI National Crime Information Center (NCIC) and ensure all available resources available to the department are being utilized to find their son.

If you reside in the San Francisco area and can attend this event, your support is appreciated but you do not have to be in the San Francisco area to help.

On Sunday, June 23, the Sidi family will be releasing additional information about the search for Sean Sidi and an important “Call to Action” for the nation to join the search. 

I urge you to become involved. You may also visit for additional information.

When a loved one missing, few human experiences can be as traumatic for a family and no family should be alone in their search.

Sean’s descriptive information:
Name: Sean Sidi
Age: 19
Height: 5’ 5”
Weight: 120 lbs
Race: Asian/Caucasian
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Dark Brown
Last seen wearing:  Black and grey hooded “North Face” rain jacket, blue jeans, and black canvas shoes.
Identifying Features: Wearing braces on teeth, surgical scars on head from recent brain surgery, healing fracture on left wrist and wearing a black splint on arm.

About the Author: Kym L. Pasqualini is founder of the Nation’s Missing Children Organization in 1994 and the National Center for Missing Adults in 2000. Kym is an expert in the field of missing persons and continues to advocate for crime victims utilizing 20 years’ experience working with government officials, law enforcement, advocates, private investigators, and national media.