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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Justice for Bernadette Stevenson Caruso - What you can do to help!

Bernadette Stevenson Caruso, missing 27 years.

Bernadette Stevenson Caruso has been missing since September 27, 1986.

The 23-year-old was last seen leaving her place of employment at Shaw's Jewelry Store in the Eastpoint Mall, in northeastern Baltimore County, Maryland. A witness saw Bernadette get into her vehicle in the mall parking lot at approximately 5:05pm that afternoon.

Bernadette was in a child custody dispute of her 3-year-old daughter, and had also filed charges of domestic violence against her estranged husband, a Baltimore County police officer. She had been scheduled to appear in court within two weeks of her disappearance. 

Prior to her disappearance Bernadette had told a coworker that her estranged husband had called her and she was going to go see him to have a discussion.

Her gray/green 1982 Chevrolet Cavalier with MD license plate FYW-097 remains missing.

Call to Action

Missing 27 years, Bernadette deserves JUSTICE. Her family has only 6 weeks to gather signatures on the Justice for Bernadette Stevenson Caruso petition, and present it to the State Attorney by September 27, 2013, the anniversary date that marks 27 years Bernadette has been missing.

Bernadette was one of my missing persons cases while I served as CEO for the National Center for Missing Adults from 1994-2010. For additional information about Bernadette's case and the families efforts to find answers please visit 

I was signer #1008 and I urge everyone to spare a moment to ensure justice for this mother and sign the petition to show that every life is valuable and Bernadette has not been forgotten.

It only takes a moment & would help this family immensely.

To make a difference and sign the petition please go visit GoPetition Justice for Bernadette Stevenson Caruso

Thank you so much!

Kym L. Pasqualini