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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Family of fifth young man missing in San Francisco joins Joint Awareness Vigil at Golden Gate Park

Despite several searches by hundreds of people, and the distribution of over 30,000 missing person fliers, Sean Sidi has still not been located. The Sidi Family continues to move forward in hopes of finding their son. They have announced that they will be holding a “Joint Awareness Vigil” this coming Saturday, September 14th @ 2:00pm with 4 other families who also have sons missing from San Francisco. Come hear the families speak about their on-going search for their missing sons, and what – if anything – San Francisco Police is doing to help locate these young men.

WHAT: ‘Joint Awareness Vigil’ (attached is the flier)
WHERE: Golden Gate Park – Music Concourse (next to Academy of Science)
WHEN: Saturday, September 14, 2013 at 2:00 p.m.
WHY: The purpose of the Joint Awareness Vigil is to raise public awareness of the families’ desperate search to locate their sons, ALL of whom went missing in San Francisco: Sean Sidi (19 yrs old, missing May 21, 2013); Chrishtian Hughes (20 yrs old, missing February 7, 2013); Shawn Dickerson (age 24, missing December 2, 2011); Cameron Remmer (31 yrs old, missing October 6, 2011); Jackson Miller (23 yrs old, missing May 15, 2010).

Why are so many young men missing from San Francisco? What is San Francisco Police doing to help the families locate their sons? Do missing boys in San Francisco get less attention from law enforcement than missing girls?

According to Kym Pasqualini, Founder of the ‘National Center for Missing Adults, “These families have faced numerous barriers with San Francisco Police Department in their individual searches for their children, and their concern as to what exactly is being done by San Francisco Police, to find these young men is warranted.”

PARKING OPTIONS: 1) Street; 2) Music Concourse parking lot - enter Fulton & 10th / $5 per hour; 3) Event Parking behind Music Concourse - enter 9th/Lincoln or Fulton & 8th & drive to Music Concourse Dr ($ 8 /day). You will need to have a copy of Sean's Missing Flier to show that you are part of event.  4) Kezar Lot (on Stanyan)

For continued updates on Sean, you may visit either Facebook or the website and