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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The disappearance of Christine Walters

Christine Walters vanished November 14, 2008, from Eureka, CA
Christine Walters mysteriously vanished on November 14, 2008, from Eureka, CA.

Prior to her disappearance, the 23-year-old was a junior at University of Wisconsin studying botany and ethnobotany, the scientific study of the relationships between people and plants. Christine has always been a free-spirit who practiced Yoga, and along with her course of study, the communities in northern California appealed to her love of spirituality and living green.

Christine had traveled to Oregon and northern California in the summer of 2008, keeping in regular contact with her family.

Christine's contact with her family then became more infrequent. On November 14th, Christine was found standing on a doorstep of a home on Tompkins Hill Road, approximately 20 miles south of Arcata in northern California. Completely nude, feet bloodied, Christine’s body was covered with brier scratches. Acting very disoriented, Christine begged the homeowner for help, saying she was being followed by someone. After notifying the police, Christine was taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital to be treated for injuries. It was determined Christine was not using substances at the time, legitimizing her fear was more than the ramblings of a high hippie.

Confused and frightened, Christine had expressed to authorities and her family, she was in fear of someone who was following her, stating repeatedly, “They are going to find me wherever I go.” 

Once released from the hospital, police took Christine to Red Lion Inn on 4th Street, in Eureka where Christine was to make arrangements to fly home to Wisconsin to her family. Her father wired $1000.00 to her account that remains untouched. It is known Christine went to the copy center on November 14, 2008, to pick up documents her mother had faxed so she could replace her lost identification and immediately travel home. Video surveillance at the copy center indicates Christine looked paranoid while there, clutching her faxed documents close to her body as she left. That was the last time anyone saw Christine.

Christine was reported missing on November 17, 2008 after she failed to contact her parents and return home to Deerfield, WI. Following her disappearance, Christine’s backpack was found at Green Life Evolution Center in Arcata, and contained her money and identification that she had lost. It is believed Christine would often leave her backpack at the spiritual center while she walked in the beautiful Arcata Community Forest.

Following Christine’s disappearance, information gathered by Indiana private investigator Thomas Lauth,  indicates she may have participated in a “tea ceremony” with others in the Arcata Community Forest, substantiating this was the area Christine had been prior to showing up at the rural home on Tompkins Hill Road.

If anyone has information about Christine’s disappearance please call Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at 707-445-7251. You may also visit

Christine Lindsey Walters
Christine Lindsey Walters
DOB: 08/08/85
Date Missing: 11/14//08
Missing From: Eureka, CA
Race: White
Height: 5’ 4”
Eyes: Green
Hair: Red
Identifying Marks: tattoo of small butterfly on lower front hip and large tattoo of a purple and green Iris flower on nape of neck/upper back. Left nostril pierced and ears double pierced.
Nicknames: Airy Star, Star Meadow, and Star