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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Women Missing and Murdered - Online Dating and Personal Safety

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Gary Giordano, questioned in
the disappearance of Robyn Gardiner.
Photo Courtesy of National Inquirer

"It has been ten years since the New York Times declared it is socially acceptable to meet your date on the Internet," wrote Ann Friedman in a 2013 article titled "Perils of Online Dating." According to Friedman, one-third of America’s 90 million singles have used online dating services. While some find love, get married, and live happily ever after, some have met with tragedy.

While some find love, get married, and live happily ever after, some have met with tragedy.

See Kym Pasqualini's article about the dangers of online dating.
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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Arizona Physician Inspires Heart Health

I am unabashedly promoting North Mountain Cardio Health & Fitness and for a very personal reason.

I recently went to my regular physician who informed me, my Triglycerides were over 900. Yes, I did say OVER 900 and considering "borderline high" Triglycerides are anything over 150, . . . I was shocked and in fear considering I have lost many in my family to heart disease.

Dr. John Sutherland and his team  at 
North Mountain Cardio Health & Fitness 
inspire health with new integrated approach to treating
 cardiovascular disease and promoting heart health.
Partly dealing with genetics, I know the key to my longevity is in my own hands and know the importance of feeling I have options and guidance in my pursuit of heart health.

I met with Dr. John Sutherland, a cardiologist, at his beautiful new medical and fitness center and I felt like I had walked into a spa. As I sat with Dr. Sutherland, I could not help but to be incredibly impressed by his expertise but I was moved by his unwavering dedication to helping others - to saving lives. His humor was also more than uplifting.

One MUST meet Dr. Sutherland. He has a heart and unlike some physicians who inform you of  "life and death" health conditions, in a monotone voice, looking at the floor with grim face, while handing you a prescription on your way out the office door. The entire experience leaving my regular doctor's office made me wonder why I would procrastinate planning for my own funeral! I was in fear.

After visiting the North Mountain Cardio Health & Fitness Center and meeting the team of expert clinicians, I felt hope. I learned of the many options I have and a team of dedicated professionals who provide support and guidance in my "healthy heart" pursuit.

Instead of living like I was dying, as I walked down the hall following Dr. Sutherland, talking and chuckling about his new YouTube video about "Fat Rats" and I had a  "huge" smile on my face. No, Dr. Sutherland is no "Tin Man" and I felt like I was skipping down the Yellow Brick Road!

Getting healthy does not have to be intimidating! I urge you to visit and drop by!