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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Arizona Physician Inspires Heart Health

I am unabashedly promoting North Mountain Cardio Health & Fitness and for a very personal reason.

I recently went to my regular physician who informed me, my Triglycerides were over 900. Yes, I did say OVER 900 and considering "borderline high" Triglycerides are anything over 150, . . . I was shocked and in fear considering I have lost many in my family to heart disease.

Dr. John Sutherland and his team  at 
North Mountain Cardio Health & Fitness 
inspire health with new integrated approach to treating
 cardiovascular disease and promoting heart health.
Partly dealing with genetics, I know the key to my longevity is in my own hands and know the importance of feeling I have options and guidance in my pursuit of heart health.

I met with Dr. John Sutherland, a cardiologist, at his beautiful new medical and fitness center and I felt like I had walked into a spa. As I sat with Dr. Sutherland, I could not help but to be incredibly impressed by his expertise but I was moved by his unwavering dedication to helping others - to saving lives. His humor was also more than uplifting.

One MUST meet Dr. Sutherland. He has a heart and unlike some physicians who inform you of  "life and death" health conditions, in a monotone voice, looking at the floor with grim face, while handing you a prescription on your way out the office door. The entire experience leaving my regular doctor's office made me wonder why I would procrastinate planning for my own funeral! I was in fear.

After visiting the North Mountain Cardio Health & Fitness Center and meeting the team of expert clinicians, I felt hope. I learned of the many options I have and a team of dedicated professionals who provide support and guidance in my "healthy heart" pursuit.

Instead of living like I was dying, as I walked down the hall following Dr. Sutherland, talking and chuckling about his new YouTube video about "Fat Rats" and I had a  "huge" smile on my face. No, Dr. Sutherland is no "Tin Man" and I felt like I was skipping down the Yellow Brick Road!

Getting healthy does not have to be intimidating! I urge you to visit and drop by!